Ferrous Metal

Top Return for your Ferrous Metals Recycling

Full Circle Ferrous Metals Recycling and processing center is based on our commitment to safely, efficiently and economically processing our customer’s material throughout the entire processing chain.

Whether our customer’s deliver their material or we transport them for Ferrous Metals Recycling, our one way flow to enter the facility, access the scale, and drop material at designated processing area, is efficient delay-free flow by design.

Further illustrating our commitment to fair and transparent asset management for all of our customer’s commodities, our Ferrous Metals Recycling process is tracked on proprietary software throughout the entire process. All of our Scale weights are pulled and automatically recorded. The scale head weights displayed prominently to the customer, and the material is tracked and photographed through production. Call today to see the Full Circle Way.

Latest Prices

Ferrous Metal

Updated: Mar 20, 2019 @ 1:00
Light Iron $170.00 / GT
#1 Prepared $220.00 / GT
#1 Unprepared $190.00 / GT
#2 Prepared $210.00 / GT
#2 Unprepared $180.00 / GT
Cars $138.00 / NT