Full Circle Recycling Offers Cash for Junk Cars

Full Circle processes scrap vehicles of all types and sizes. In our state-of-art auto processing facility, we safety and environmentally drain and reclaim all fluids, deactivate electronic equipment and remove any potentially hazardous components. Whether you’re a residential customer looking for Cash for Junk Cars, a tow company, municipality or commercial account looking for a safe and profitable end of life home for your vehicles, Full Circle Recycling is the ideal outlet.

We offer towing services for any size or quantity of vehicles. Our experienced staff will come to your facility or home to collect vehicles, and will pay you Cash For Junk Cars on the spot!

If our customers have a favorite charity or would like to put their end of life vehicles to a higher purpose, we can assist in the donation of the payment, allowing a worthy cause to get Cash For Junk Cars.

Latest Prices

Ferrous Metal

Updated: Mar 20, 2019 @ 1:00
Light Iron $170.00 / GT
#1 Prepared $220.00 / GT
#1 Unprepared $190.00 / GT
#2 Prepared $210.00 / GT
#2 Unprepared $180.00 / GT
Cars $138.00 / NT