Ferrous Metal Recycling

Top Return for your Ferrous Metals Recycling

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Non-Ferrous Metals

We offer competitive prices for your non-ferrous and aluminum recycling products

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Junk Cars

We offer cash for junk cars

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We offer competitive prices for plastic recycling products

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Fiber, Carboard, & Paper

We offer competitive prices for your paper, fiber, and cardboard recycling products

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Welcome to Full Circle Recycling

We purchase all types of scrap metal. From light iron, to #1 heavy steel, we take them all!! When you have a little extra scrap metal lying around, bring it to us for fast easy cash payments.

Full Circle Recycling is a full service recycling company dedicating its focus to Metal Recycling, and Paper, Plastics, Automobile, and Electronics Recycling.

Full Circle operates an integrated Metal Recycling processing facility, which features the continuous implementation of technological upgrades and efficiencies, assuring the highest value return for our customer’s assets. Our services include transportation, roll-off containers provided, and baler and compactor rental and installations.

In addition to managing our customer’s Metal Recycling requirements, Full Circle also manage, recycle and purchase every conceivable commodity; Plastics, Paper, Electronics. We also offer DEMIL Services, and offer equipment, component, data and document destruction with certificate of destruction issued. Call today to find out how we can help you maximize the recyclability and value of your materials.


The mission of Full Circle Recycling is to encourage and increase recycling by providing an unmatched customer experience by a knowledgeable and dedicated team; to expand possibilities by constantly searching for new markets, methods and materials; and to create a state of the art environment that elevates the profile of the entire industry

Full Circle Recycling

Call us at (401) 464-5996

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Ferrous Metals

Do you have ferrous metal on your hands? Want to make a little extra cash off of it? Bring it to us today.

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Junk Cars

Are you ready to finally get rid of your old junk car? We’ll gladly pick it up for you.

About Junk Cars

Transportation Services

Got a junk car you want to get rid of? Free pick up service available.

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Non-Ferrous Metals

Non-Ferrous Metals

We take everything from copper, insulated wire and brass to stainless steel, lead, and electric motors. All of our prices are market based and subject to change.

About Non-Ferrous Metals

Fiber, Cardboard, & Paper

Fiber, Cardboard, & Paper

We offer you a way to recycle all of your fiber products. From cardboard and mixed paper to books, newspaper, and sorted office paper, we take it all.

We pay for these items, and our rates are determined by the net ton (2000 pounds). Our rates are market based and subject to change accordingly.

About Fiber, Cardboard, & Paper


Updated:  June 17, 2024



Updated: June 17, 2024
AL CU FINS $1.62 /LB
AL CU Fins w/ FE $1.47 / LB
AL Low Grade $0.15 / LB
AL Old Sheet $0.55 / LB
AL Rims $0.74 / LB
AL Insul Cable $0.35 / LB


Updated: June 17, 2024
Yellow Brass $2.11 / LB
Red Brass $2.67 /LB


Updated: June 17, 2024

#1 80% Cable $2.66 / LB
#2 80% Cable $2.47 / LB
Alum BX $1.40 / LB
House Wire $1.08 / LB
Bare Bright $3.66 / LB
#1 Copper $3.53 / LB
#2 Copper $3.35 / LB
Rainbow #1 $2.41 / LB
Romex #1 $1.91 / LB
Steel BX $0.58 / LB

Ferrous Metal

Updated: May 10, 2024
Light Iron $150.00 / GT
#1 Prepared $200.00 / GT
#1 Unprepared $170.00 / GT
#2 Prepared $190.00 / GT
#2 Unprepared $160.00 / GT


/ NT


Updated:  May 2024 PRICES
SOP $35.00 / NT
Mixed Paper $25.00 / NT
OCC $50.00 / NT


Updated: June 17, 2024
Lead $0.54 / LB
PB Lead Acid Batts $0.16 / LB

Misc Non-Ferrous

Updated: June 17, 2024
Electric Motors $0.26 / LB
Sealed Units $0.20 / LB


Updated: April 26, 2024
SS 304 (PREPARED) $0.44 / LB
SS 304 Turnings $0.39 / LB
 SS 316 (PREPARED) $0.71 /LB
 SS 316 Turnings $0.61 /LB